Mourning Has Broken

No it isn’t a typo and yes I can spell morning… The title is correct; Mourning has broken. My beautiful tabby Sage was freed from the ravages of her diabetes on October 21st. It was one of the most difficult days of my life and I still miss her terribly, but life goes on and so have I.

I’m still looking for new things to do, try, and learn. By the way in case you’re wondering there will be no new kitty, at least for a while. Sage wasn’t my only cat there is also a Tuxedo cat named Gracie, who is as crazy as Sage was sweet — So no more cats until Gracie is gone.

Back to the new things, I’ve tried Butternut squash ravioli at the Fall River Country Club.  Both the meal and venue were new for me. Continuing on the food adventures I enjoyed an almond joy scone, from the Bee Hive Anex.

Moving away from food (never easy for me) I’ve just started an interesting book titled “Natural Born Heroes mastering the lost secrets of strength and endurance” by Christopher McDougall. So far so good! I’m hoping it will give me insights on gaining the endurance to get through these next months ahead with a whacko cat, a busy business and an insane world…

In the mean time if my addition is correct that’s four new things making my total 35 with 25 more to go! With that said, please seek inner peace, pray for world peace and when you feel the need to give a piece of your mind say it with grace…

Amen and Sage RIP


Numbers Thirty and Thirty-one

I may get two posts in this month! Which if I think about it will be some kind of miracle — Seeing this has been an insanely busy month personally and with my martial arts school…

Number thirty on my way to sixty new things was a new road race. This particular 5k was for the Victoria Sousa Foundation; Victoria passed away from the H1N1 virus and her family holds the race to raise awareness for vaccinating against the flu and to raise funds for scholarships to some of the area schools. The race was held in one of my favorite spots on the planet, Colt State Park in Bristol. The morning was perfect the course amazing and I ran my best time so far this year.

Number thirty-one was my reward and sort of ode to summer, I went to one of my favorite ice cream places; Somerset Creamery, and tried a new flavor Cranberry Chunk or was it crunch? Anyway it was delicious, loaded with pieces of chocolate, cranberry and walnuts! I’m usually not too adventurous when it comes to ice cream I tend to stick with, pistachio, black raspberry or maple walnut, but I figured this might be the last cone of the season so why not live a little…

Sorry my getting passed the halfway mark wasn’t more spectacular like running a marathon or eating a tarantula but they were both sweet and delicious. Which made this beautiful autumn Sunday even more amazing!

Onto the next thing,


New Things on Vacation

First let me be clear when you own your own business there’s never a vacation unless you travel. With that said in this past week I’ve managed to get in a few new things.

On Monday I went to Barnes and Noble with a fellow book lover. I browsed the buy two get one free table and came up with three interesting books one by an author I’ve read in the past, the other two are new and quite different in subject matter; First is mindset, THE NEW PSYCHOLOGY OF SUCCESS by Carol S. Dweck Ph.D.  I love reading books  of this genre for my own knowledge but also for my work as a martial art instructor.  The second book is Provence 1970 M.F.K Fisher, Julia Child, James Beard and the Reinvention of American Taste by Luke Barr. One of my latest interests is food at a higher level than just to eat, I love cooking shows especially the competitive ones I find chefs to be like martial art masters so I thought this would be an interesting read!

The next two new things were in the world of tea. If you’ve started reading this blog from the beginning one of my first “new things” was an ice tea from The Republic of Tea. The weather has finally lent itself to me desiring ice tea except I needed an appropriate container, which I found on Amazon at a very reasonable price and it can fit in the side door of the refrigerator!  My second “tea thing” was attending an actual tea service at Blithwold Mansion with my mom. If you’ve never attended on I highly recommend going. It was lovely from the beautiful dining room the table settings, the variety of tea pots (many are donated) to the delicious food. My favorite was the cranberry scones, the cucumber sandwiches and the berry tarts. The best part of this tea was that I was able to share it with my mother, who loved it just as much as I did.

These were the vacation things, that brings my list of 60 down to 49. I’m hoping to expand my list with more and different experiences like the tea at Blithwold, but you never know what the universe may have planned. I’m always on the look out in the mean time I hope you may try one or two of my new things and I’d certainly will welcome any suggestions you may have for me to try!