Some New Things with a review

No excuse for my absence, just laziness. My search for “New Things” has continued,here are a few of my latest with a little review.

First a place to go, RISD Museum on South Main Street in Providence, RI. I attended the Impressionist Exhibit a couple of weeks ago. The exhibit itself was worth the visit, but there was so much more, I spent two hours wandering about with a group of new acquaintances from one of my Meet Up Groups.  The museum also has a good coffee shop and a more than adaquate gift shop, it offers free admission on Sundays. I’m embarrased to say this was my first visit , but it won’t be my last.

Secondly, something healthy: Zeal For Life, is a nutritional drink from Zurvita, that was reccomended to me by my brother. I decided to give it try the beginning of this month and since starting Zeal, I have more energy, I’m not falling asleep in the middle of the day,my mood is better I feel great! Zeal is all natural and is easily absorbed and assimilated by the body. Believe me I was very skeptical when I first tried zeal and I honestly have made no other changes in my diet, or life that could account for my feeling 10 to 15 years younger!

Number three, a skin product; Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer. This was a freebie from one of my runs this past fall and I used it on a whim two weeks ago. Anyone who knows me, knows that every winter I get dry skin that gets irritated on both hip bones (weird I know). Every year I look for something to relieve the irritation, laundry soap, lotions (some very expensive) soaps all natural ect… the list is endless, until I tried this it works!

The fourth thing on my list is ironically the book 52 Lists for Happiness, weekly journaling for positivity, balance and joy by Moorea Seal. I’m a list maker from way back and this sort of thing appealed to me right away. I was also looking for something to fill the gap after completing the Love Your Life in 30 Days. So far it has been fun but also eyeopening. It gets you to list things that make you smile, you’re good at ect… It has given me a better appreciation of myself.

I haven’t started the fifth thing but wanted to mention it here it is a Tony Robbins CD course The Time of Your Life, three steps to take controll of your life. I start that tomorrow. A review or at least a mention will be made in my next posting.

Til then check out a thing or two from my list, you won’t regret any!

This brings my total 46! fourteen more before the 24th of March!






NEW (not by choice)

I admit that when I first had the idea of celebrating my 60th year with “60 New Things” I thought they’d all be of my choosing — Not so!

My vision was new adventures, new places, faces and things… Although some of that has happened, a few New (not by choice) things have occurred too. For example caring for aging cats have brought the following New adventures; twice a day insulin administration, weekly B12 injections along with crushing half a Pepcid Ac and hiding it in food, and my personal favorite Colace stuffed moist cat food balls. All for one too sweet cat named Sage, who is battling diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. My other aging feline Gracie suffers from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS, and also has a special diet and medications.

There is much more to caring for these elder cats than meds and food. For instance Sage’s neuropathy has caused weakness in her hind legs, requiring me to become creative with aids for her getting onto the bed and couch, placing a large bin under the litter box to catch urinary overflow, and there is the constant monitoring of diet, makings sure that they aren’t eating the other’s food which would cause havoc with their health!

This has lead me to thinking of about all the other pet parents with aging pets and facing challenges of caring for their fur-babies — I think there should be some sort of pet home-care and hospice services. My vet says there is a big need… Who knows this may be my 3rd career ?

I’ve grouped these “things” into one so far 17 new things 43 to go! Hopefully more of my choosing…


New Sundays

These past few Sundays have been about getting on my bicycle and finding a lunch treat…

I’m fortunate enough to live close enough to an outstanding bike path in one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the world! The East Bay Bike Path is a rails to trails path that runs 15 miles between the gorgeous town of Bristol RI, to Rhode Island’s capitol city Providence — Along the way, are incredible views and venues to enjoy.

For three of the past four weeks I’ve ventured out onto the path for a bike ride. I’ve enjoyed visiting downtown Bristol and had an ice cream lunch 1st at Grey’s ice-cream annex and yesterday at the Daily Scoop where I tried for the first time chocolate espresso crunch.  After that delightful adventure I stopped at the SchoolYard Farmer’s Market at Hope and Main!  Where I was able to pick up some local honey and onions.  Last week’s ride took me to East Providence and a delightful smoothie at Edible Arrangements in Warren.

There is something wonderful about a bike ride, being unplugged and outdoors at a pace where all the senses are evoked; the sounds of birds chirping, waves crashing on the rocks, seeing baby rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, and osprey, smelling the fragrant flowers along the path, feeling the cool breeze on your skin and then the taste of the promised lunch treat. This is one New Thing that I’m going to try and keep up with as long as time and the weather permit.

Do yourself a favor get on your bike be a kid again and find an adventure!


Nothing New but an insight or 2…

It’s April and there’s six inches of snow on the ground and it’s 27 degrees!

Normally I would be freaking out with a mad hissy fit and a good sulk; You see I dislike winter in winter never mind in spring!  Yet since I decided on this birthday quest of 60 new things, I find my self learning a thing or two. It helps that I’m reading Work by Thich Nhat Hanh who inspires you to live in the moment and to be present. In following Hanh’s teaching of practicing intention with a “gatha” (small poem) an example might  be; upon awaking to recite, another day, 24 hours to enjoy mindfully, and gratefully. This is done while concentrating on breathing or it can be used in meditation similar to a mantra. However it is an intention, something you promise yourself to follow through with – Thereby acting as a reminder of who you want to be or how you’re going to act. This enlightened way of thinking/behaving has brought me new and powerful insights: I’m powerless against the weather I can only control my attitude and emotions (this is a big for a control freak like me to get) toward the circumstances the weather brings…

I’m choosing to allow it to run its’ course to do its’ thing – Snow, cold, sun, heat, rain in the end it’s weather and I’m not in control – It’s not even my job to predict. I won’t pretend to like the snow or cold, but live with it without resistance and show compassion to those beings who have to suffer living or working in these conditions.

There you have it, no new thing, just a new centered way of being and that my friends is a great thing…



Birthday Things

Today is my birthday, officially at 10:03pm EDT I will be 59!

There I wrote it without crying or laughing; so I must be okay with it, right?

Today was a good day, it started with a New guided meditation from my Insight Timer App (I highly recommend the app for those of you interested in pursuing meditation). The mediation was followed by a phone call from my mom (age 82) who sang happy birthday to me, something I look forward to, and will miss when it ends… After visiting my mother and stepfather, I had a lovely cappuccino and a scone for breakfast which I enjoyed by the bay. I treated my self to my favorite foods; a peanut butter sandwich on a fresh baked roll for lunch and a vanilla cream donut for dinner!

Some other highlights were calls from my cousin, my brother and a black belt student who’s now living in Florida, I received lovely thoughtful gifts from family, friends and students and yes there was cake (I’m in a sugar coma)…

New things; the new meditation, and a new Wen Fragrance 

I know none of these are life changing events or might not be blog worthy, but I didn’t promise that – I’m going to be trying for 60 new things now 58 new things… Some will be more exciting and challenging, but every journey starts with a first step and those were my first two! I’ve learned some key things today, one looking for new things makes me more aware of what I have and I’m more open to noticing and appreciating.

The best things about today, is my birthday song from my mom, my diabetic cat feeling well enough to snuggle with me and the gift of a stuffed bunny I call Zo from a 5 year old boy, those are gifts of the heart and there’s nothing better not peanut butter  or vanilla cream donuts!


On The Way To 60

March 24th will begin a new chapter…

I’m going to be 59! How did that happen? I wish I was paying better attention.

Life is like a familiar car ride, you ride along in a comfortable haze, missing everything going on around you until you’re forced to slam on the breaks and wake up. That’s precisely what’s happened to me! I just slammed on the breaks. Why? Because in a year from now I will be turning 60 years old, I’m not freaking out about the age, I just can’t figure out how I arrived here? After all my mother was just 60 (23 years ago) – My father didn’t even reach 60 – I knew he died young, but I’m just realizing HOW YOUNG!

It’s precisely for those reasons I’m going to be trying, learning, doing 60 new things during this up coming year and blogging those experiences here. This way I will be paying attention to what’s going on and I’ll be able to recall and relive my ride on the way to 60.

So sit back put your tray tables in the upright position and buckle up for a hell of a ride!