Some New Things with a review

No excuse for my absence, just laziness. My search for “New Things” has continued,here are a few of my latest with a little review.

First a place to go, RISD Museum on South Main Street in Providence, RI. I attended the Impressionist Exhibit a couple of weeks ago. The exhibit itself was worth the visit, but there was so much more, I spent two hours wandering about with a group of new acquaintances from one of my Meet Up Groups.  The museum also has a good coffee shop and a more than adaquate gift shop, it offers free admission on Sundays. I’m embarrased to say this was my first visit , but it won’t be my last.

Secondly, something healthy: Zeal For Life, is a nutritional drink from Zurvita, that was reccomended to me by my brother. I decided to give it try the beginning of this month and since starting Zeal, I have more energy, I’m not falling asleep in the middle of the day,my mood is better I feel great! Zeal is all natural and is easily absorbed and assimilated by the body. Believe me I was very skeptical when I first tried zeal and I honestly have made no other changes in my diet, or life that could account for my feeling 10 to 15 years younger!

Number three, a skin product; Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer. This was a freebie from one of my runs this past fall and I used it on a whim two weeks ago. Anyone who knows me, knows that every winter I get dry skin that gets irritated on both hip bones (weird I know). Every year I look for something to relieve the irritation, laundry soap, lotions (some very expensive) soaps all natural ect… the list is endless, until I tried this it works!

The fourth thing on my list is ironically the book 52 Lists for Happiness, weekly journaling for positivity, balance and joy by Moorea Seal. I’m a list maker from way back and this sort of thing appealed to me right away. I was also looking for something to fill the gap after completing the Love Your Life in 30 Days. So far it has been fun but also eyeopening. It gets you to list things that make you smile, you’re good at ect… It has given me a better appreciation of myself.

I haven’t started the fifth thing but wanted to mention it here it is a Tony Robbins CD course The Time of Your Life, three steps to take controll of your life. I start that tomorrow. A review or at least a mention will be made in my next posting.

Til then check out a thing or two from my list, you won’t regret any!

This brings my total 46! fourteen more before the 24th of March!






Funk IT

Another long delay between posts, this delay was due to the funk I was, am in…

After the passing of my cat Sage, I found myself with more time (her care was fairly involved). Instead of using the time on me, it was used getting my business ready for the final quarter, prepping my mom’s house for the holidays and getting caught up with my holiday preparations. All this busy work was a way to avoid working through grief, thinking about planning a future, that doesn’t include a business or at least as I know it now. That is how I arrived at this Funk It place in my life…

You’ve all been there a time or two, when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, so Funk it! There is a bit of wallowing, self pity, chocolate, wine, over eating, drinking, sleeping or in my case working!

I’m finding my way out looking forward to the holidays ahead and the new year and all that comes with it! I’ve started a program by Mike Dooley and Hope Koppleman called Love Your Life in 30 Days. I got the work book from Amazon and it also has companion videos from the website. I’m on day five and I feel it was the kick in the butt I needed. I also have booked a trip to celebrate my 60th birthday (more later). My total is up to 37 new things. I’m feeling good about the future and the next 23 new things!






Mourning Has Broken

No it isn’t a typo and yes I can spell morning… The title is correct; Mourning has broken. My beautiful tabby Sage was freed from the ravages of her diabetes on October 21st. It was one of the most difficult days of my life and I still miss her terribly, but life goes on and so have I.

I’m still looking for new things to do, try, and learn. By the way in case you’re wondering there will be no new kitty, at least for a while. Sage wasn’t my only cat there is also a Tuxedo cat named Gracie, who is as crazy as Sage was sweet — So no more cats until Gracie is gone.

Back to the new things, I’ve tried Butternut squash ravioli at the Fall River Country Club.  Both the meal and venue were new for me. Continuing on the food adventures I enjoyed an almond joy scone, from the Bee Hive Anex.

Moving away from food (never easy for me) I’ve just started an interesting book titled “Natural Born Heroes mastering the lost secrets of strength and endurance” by Christopher McDougall. So far so good! I’m hoping it will give me insights on gaining the endurance to get through these next months ahead with a whacko cat, a busy business and an insane world…

In the mean time if my addition is correct that’s four new things making my total 35 with 25 more to go! With that said, please seek inner peace, pray for world peace and when you feel the need to give a piece of your mind say it with grace…

Amen and Sage RIP


New Isn’t Easy!

This post has been too long in coming. Since my last post I haven’t done much of anything new, other than bacon on pizza and use the Arc Trainer at the gym. Nothing momentous I know…

Here’s what I’m finding out: doing new things requires getting out of ruts, routines, and being willing to go beyond your comfort zone.  It’s not that I’m leery or fearful of new things, my issue is I enjoy structure — My life currently is work, working out, managing the health of two aging cats, and assisting my eighty something mother as much as possible. All that requires planning, routine (structure). This doesn’t allow for much time for exploring new things. Which is forcing me to evaluate my day to day and look for ways to get out of my rut, because we all know the only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth!

Complacency with our day to day leads to very dull and unfulfilling lives. Have you ever experienced a moment when you asked yourself “how did I get here?” Life passes so quickly. We sleep, eat, work, fill spare time with errands, TV, surfing the web or playing video games, day in and day out. We “live” for the weekends, and vacations — Then back to the “rat race” or the “daily grind”.  This isn’t how anyone wants to live but we get caught up with making a living instead of living. Scary right?

How do we rise up out of this self-inflicted (rut/grave)? Awareness, take notice of  you’re daily routines for a week and write them in a journal. Then do something different once a week even if it’s taking a different route to work. Take a walk in the park, encourage friends and family to join you on a bike ride or take out your old 35mm film camera and see if you can remember how to shoot film.

When I first started this task I understood it might be difficult. What I didn’t realize was that I’d be discovering “new things” about myself. Which is far more valuable than trying avocado ice-cream don’t you think?

What’s new with you?




New Perspective

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” This is one of my favorite quotes from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, and it has certainly rung true for me lately.

Take stretching for example, in the beginning of my martial art journey I would stretch for long periods of time hoping to achieve full splits — I was younger (much younger) and class times were longer and my life was less complicated. Fast forward Thirty-two years and the “too busy, just a quick workout, I’ll get to it later” and you can name a few of your own — Get the picture?  I found myself with an aching back, tight hips, hamstrings and far less flexibility. I’d do yoga now and again a quick stretch with my students but never a routine. Then I joined Planet Fitness and they have places and equipment specifically for stretching. Combine that with the new selections on my Yoga Studio app and you have a woman with a routine  and a new perspective on the importance of stretching.I also have an injured shoulder that’s improving.

I knew all this before but didn’t made it a priority until chronic aches, pains and the onset of losing mobility woke me up. I now have days where I do fifteen minute stretching routine, or thirty minutes of yoga, after cardio I stretch fifteen minutes as well. The result no back pain I don’t wake up stiff and or sore, I’m more mobile and as I mentioned my shoulder injury has improved.

I didn’t plan the routine it sort of happened out of my curiosity to try new things like the stretching equipment at Planet Fitness and the morning stretch on the yoga app. The universe is our greatest teacher, even when we think we know something it throws things in our path so we can use what we know. Believe me I’m not looking to do a full split, but I am looking to keep moving and for that I have to stop and take time to stretch…

Perspective change, or old lesson relearned? You decide, and I’ll keep stretching myself; physically, spiritually,mentally and emotionally…











Stretching Physically and Metaphysically

I’m always amazed how the universe is so  balanced; How else can you explain my latest two new things and how I’m stretching myself?

First there is this stretching cage” (the best way I can describe it) at the gym. Its sort of a half sphere with bars that are connected and in the center there’s an instructional poster on how to use it to stretch every muscle group! Believe me I’m not as bendy as I used to be, so I was excited to give this a try. Lo and behold I’m getting a little more range of motion in my wonky shoulder (although I must look ridiculous doing these moves) — You feel very child like, kind of reverting back to the monkey bars, this time working them not playing on them!

I’m metaphysically stretching my self learning Angel Tarot card reading. I bought a deck of Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s cards along with a guide book. I’ve owned several tarot decks and have been interested in tarot, I Ching, numerology and astrology for a long time. I admit to having my cards read, seeing a medium and having my astrological chart done and learning how to do them. All for my own curiosity and benefit not to venture into a business (I’ve got my hands full with the one I have). It is my belief the universe is so vast that to understand my place I must learn to use as many of the tools provided.

Angel Tarot are gentler in their representations less dark more encouraging. I’m finding them fascinating and enlightening and I’m enjoying getting to know them. Again I’m not professing any beliefs to anyone, in the end we choose our own paths and methods to enlightenment. This is one path I’m being drawn to, It’s up to you to find what fits you best.

It has occurred to me that some of my new things may or may not be your thing, but don’t judge me, these are going to be my 60 new things (now 52 new things). I will end with a bit of advice no matter what you believe keep stretching — That’s what I’m doing!



Nothing New but an insight or 2…

It’s April and there’s six inches of snow on the ground and it’s 27 degrees!

Normally I would be freaking out with a mad hissy fit and a good sulk; You see I dislike winter in winter never mind in spring!  Yet since I decided on this birthday quest of 60 new things, I find my self learning a thing or two. It helps that I’m reading Work by Thich Nhat Hanh who inspires you to live in the moment and to be present. In following Hanh’s teaching of practicing intention with a “gatha” (small poem) an example might  be; upon awaking to recite, another day, 24 hours to enjoy mindfully, and gratefully. This is done while concentrating on breathing or it can be used in meditation similar to a mantra. However it is an intention, something you promise yourself to follow through with – Thereby acting as a reminder of who you want to be or how you’re going to act. This enlightened way of thinking/behaving has brought me new and powerful insights: I’m powerless against the weather I can only control my attitude and emotions (this is a big for a control freak like me to get) toward the circumstances the weather brings…

I’m choosing to allow it to run its’ course to do its’ thing – Snow, cold, sun, heat, rain in the end it’s weather and I’m not in control – It’s not even my job to predict. I won’t pretend to like the snow or cold, but live with it without resistance and show compassion to those beings who have to suffer living or working in these conditions.

There you have it, no new thing, just a new centered way of being and that my friends is a great thing…