I’ve arrived at one of those benchmark birthdays — One that isn’t looked forward to by many. There’s no reward like being able to drive, vote or drink (I’ve been doing those things for longer than I can remember ). This  birthday does come with “Senior discounts”!

The weirdest thing about turning 60 is, I really don’t mind. Believe me I never thought I’d say that back when I was in the midst of the coming of age birthdays (when we never see this one coming). I say,” I’m 60″ as loudly and as proudly as a 6-year-old tells you she’s 6! I guess it’s because so many of my family and friends (including my father) didn’t reach this benchmark birthday.

This is why turning 60  for me is a privilege, a sign that I’m here for a purpose that I haven’t fulfilled it yet. Another stage in my soul’s development. I’m unsure what exactly I’m to achieve or do, but I feel it has something to do with service (It always has been). Whether I was a nurse, a martial art instructor, or school owner I’ve always felt my purpose was to serve and help others. Now I’m hearing that call again I’m not sure where or what it will lead me to, I just know it will be revealed when it’s supposed to…

I haven’t for gotten about my goal of 60 new things. It’s been a crazy couple of months but here are a few; I saw the movie Hidden Figures and learned a lot of new things. I had jury duty and got to visit Superior Court for the first time. I was a RIPTA bus commuter. I’ve enjoyed three new scone offerings at one of my favorite places the Bee Hive Annex. I’ve been watching Visiting The Country, a BBC show about house buying in the English countryside, and I’m learning an amazing amount of history. I’ve been introduced to coloring with gel pens by my bestie. I’ve leaned (sort of new form). I enjoyed a Chimmie burritos, and I’m working on a new weapon the (Jo). I believe that totals 10 more which brings my total to 54. I’m short 6, but I have an adventure in a few days that will be full of new things!

Seriously I’m grateful for reaching this benchmark, and most grateful that the people closest to me are going to be able to enjoy it with me!

Wishing you happy birthdays,


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