New Things From Vaca…

New things from my time at Kripalu include; a class on positional therapy, reading Silence by Thich Nhat Hanh, exploring new hiking trails, and gentle yoga…

My latest new thing total is 24! Good progress was made on my week off from work. I spent three days at Kripalu yoga and health center. Where I attended an excellent seminar on positional therapy which deals with all sorts of chronic pain — Especially low back pain which I learned costs over 100 Billion a year and is the number one physical complaint! I also attended four gentle yoga classes taught by different instructors who put their own spin on the class. I also found time to explore the wonderful hiking trails, the silence and serenity of the woods fit perfectly with the book on silence by Nhat Hanh.

Vacation allowed for more time and the space to find new things, now back to reality and my everyday life. New things won’t be as easy but I didn’t set out for this to be easy — It’s a journey and not all journeys are vacations…


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