The Search Continues…

It’s been three weeks since my last entry!  This task is far more daunting than I first envisioned – When has that ever stopped me? Never…

I wish I could write that I haven’t blogged because I’ve been so busy doing new things, but that wouldn’t be true.  There have been a couple of new things that I’ll be sharing but life or should I say habits have a way of anchoring us down. If I’ve learned anything through these past four months is life doesn’t deliver new things they must be sought out – You have to get out and out of your own way to experience them.

With that said here are a few new things I’ve tried since my last post; First and the most fun standup paddle boarding. I was invited by a dear friend to try it out, being a lover of anything on or in the water I was game. Thankfully I have good balance and a fairly strong core from my martial arts training so balance was not an issue. Paddle boarding gives you a different perspective being upright than you get from sitting in a kayak. I felt like a gondola driver (if that’s the correct term). The paddling is certainly more akin to canoeing than kayaking which gave my shoulders a bit of a break but my forearms took a bit of a hit. All in all a wonderful experience one I hope to try again, however nothing beats the connection to the water than a kayak and this experience made me want to get into my kayak all the more!

My next new thing was a new author, Kate Carlisle of the cozy mystery genre her book  Homicide in Hardcover was a delight well written and fun to read! I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more in the series.

My final new thing was a blueberry lemon bread that I made from a recipe that I found on line. The bread came out great (it was done before the crazy heat). The recipe was fairly straight forward but if you don’t like a lot of chopping and shredding lemon peels then stick to a quick bread mix …

Well that brings me to a total of 20 new things in four months, which if I my math is correct I’m right on track for completing my goal…


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