New Perspective

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” This is one of my favorite quotes from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, and it has certainly rung true for me lately.

Take stretching for example, in the beginning of my martial art journey I would stretch for long periods of time hoping to achieve full splits — I was younger (much younger) and class times were longer and my life was less complicated. Fast forward Thirty-two years and the “too busy, just a quick workout, I’ll get to it later” and you can name a few of your own — Get the picture?  I found myself with an aching back, tight hips, hamstrings and far less flexibility. I’d do yoga now and again a quick stretch with my students but never a routine. Then I joined Planet Fitness and they have places and equipment specifically for stretching. Combine that with the new selections on my Yoga Studio app and you have a woman with a routine  and a new perspective on the importance of stretching.I also have an injured shoulder that’s improving.

I knew all this before but didn’t made it a priority until chronic aches, pains and the onset of losing mobility woke me up. I now have days where I do fifteen minute stretching routine, or thirty minutes of yoga, after cardio I stretch fifteen minutes as well. The result no back pain I don’t wake up stiff and or sore, I’m more mobile and as I mentioned my shoulder injury has improved.

I didn’t plan the routine it sort of happened out of my curiosity to try new things like the stretching equipment at Planet Fitness and the morning stretch on the yoga app. The universe is our greatest teacher, even when we think we know something it throws things in our path so we can use what we know. Believe me I’m not looking to do a full split, but I am looking to keep moving and for that I have to stop and take time to stretch…

Perspective change, or old lesson relearned? You decide, and I’ll keep stretching myself; physically, spiritually,mentally and emotionally…











Back With A Few More Things

It’s been awhile. I’ve been crazy busy but I have tried a few new things, some good for you, one tastes pretty good and one will get you addicted (not so good)

First the good; as you may or may not have read I’ve recently joined Planet Fitness (often referred as “the purple place) and I’ve come across a few great and fun workout machines but my best find so far is the 30 minute workout room. I love to switch up my training not just for variety but to create muscle confusion, thereby creating better results. I especially enjoy when you can get more than one thing done – This room allows for you to get a strength and cardio workout all in one. For those serious muscle building folk out there I know I’m not going to build any muscle in this one exercise/body part workout, but I will tone and burn calories… Like I said I enjoy the variety, and combining a workout, this is only one of the workouts I do at the “purple place”. So if you’re looking for something new in your workout routine check it out.

Keeping in the vain of training, I’ve updated my yoga studio app and have stumbled upon a great 15 minute morning stretch. For those of you who have back issues may find this a beneficial way to start your morning as well.

Now for the latest recipe, living on your own you either have to be very creative with cooking or get used to eating leftovers. I’ve done both and I’m always on the lookout for easy “fairly” nutritional recipes. One of my most recent has been the cheeseburger pie from the Betty Crocker site. It is simple, 6 Weight Watchers points and isn’t expensive.

Last but not least, another phone app Piano Tiles 2, addicting especially if you’re competitive with yourself! This app gives wanna be piano players a virtuoso feel. Admittedly I feel like a badass playing some of my favorite classical tunes, but warning this app can be a big black hole and you can get sucked into your own silly fantasy or in my case competitive fog you may forget life is going on!

There you have it 4 more things bringing my total to 15 new things, I’m 25% of the way to 60!

Until next time,