New Things on Vacation

First let me be clear when you own your own business there’s never a vacation unless you travel. With that said in this past week I’ve managed to get in a few new things.

On Monday I went to Barnes and Noble with a fellow book lover. I browsed the buy two get one free table and came up with three interesting books one by an author I’ve read in the past, the other two are new and quite different in subject matter; First is mindset, THE NEW PSYCHOLOGY OF SUCCESS by Carol S. Dweck Ph.D.  I love reading books  of this genre for my own knowledge but also for my work as a martial art instructor.  The second book is Provence 1970 M.F.K Fisher, Julia Child, James Beard and the Reinvention of American Taste by Luke Barr. One of my latest interests is food at a higher level than just to eat, I love cooking shows especially the competitive ones I find chefs to be like martial art masters so I thought this would be an interesting read!

The next two new things were in the world of tea. If you’ve started reading this blog from the beginning one of my first “new things” was an ice tea from The Republic of Tea. The weather has finally lent itself to me desiring ice tea except I needed an appropriate container, which I found on Amazon at a very reasonable price and it can fit in the side door of the refrigerator!  My second “tea thing” was attending an actual tea service at Blithwold Mansion with my mom. If you’ve never attended on I highly recommend going. It was lovely from the beautiful dining room the table settings, the variety of tea pots (many are donated) to the delicious food. My favorite was the cranberry scones, the cucumber sandwiches and the berry tarts. The best part of this tea was that I was able to share it with my mother, who loved it just as much as I did.

These were the vacation things, that brings my list of 60 down to 49. I’m hoping to expand my list with more and different experiences like the tea at Blithwold, but you never know what the universe may have planned. I’m always on the look out in the mean time I hope you may try one or two of my new things and I’d certainly will welcome any suggestions you may have for me to try!




Stretching Physically and Metaphysically

I’m always amazed how the universe is so  balanced; How else can you explain my latest two new things and how I’m stretching myself?

First there is this stretching cage” (the best way I can describe it) at the gym. Its sort of a half sphere with bars that are connected and in the center there’s an instructional poster on how to use it to stretch every muscle group! Believe me I’m not as bendy as I used to be, so I was excited to give this a try. Lo and behold I’m getting a little more range of motion in my wonky shoulder (although I must look ridiculous doing these moves) — You feel very child like, kind of reverting back to the monkey bars, this time working them not playing on them!

I’m metaphysically stretching my self learning Angel Tarot card reading. I bought a deck of Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s cards along with a guide book. I’ve owned several tarot decks and have been interested in tarot, I Ching, numerology and astrology for a long time. I admit to having my cards read, seeing a medium and having my astrological chart done and learning how to do them. All for my own curiosity and benefit not to venture into a business (I’ve got my hands full with the one I have). It is my belief the universe is so vast that to understand my place I must learn to use as many of the tools provided.

Angel Tarot are gentler in their representations less dark more encouraging. I’m finding them fascinating and enlightening and I’m enjoying getting to know them. Again I’m not professing any beliefs to anyone, in the end we choose our own paths and methods to enlightenment. This is one path I’m being drawn to, It’s up to you to find what fits you best.

It has occurred to me that some of my new things may or may not be your thing, but don’t judge me, these are going to be my 60 new things (now 52 new things). I will end with a bit of advice no matter what you believe keep stretching — That’s what I’m doing!



Nothing New but an insight or 2…

It’s April and there’s six inches of snow on the ground and it’s 27 degrees!

Normally I would be freaking out with a mad hissy fit and a good sulk; You see I dislike winter in winter never mind in spring!  Yet since I decided on this birthday quest of 60 new things, I find my self learning a thing or two. It helps that I’m reading Work by Thich Nhat Hanh who inspires you to live in the moment and to be present. In following Hanh’s teaching of practicing intention with a “gatha” (small poem) an example might  be; upon awaking to recite, another day, 24 hours to enjoy mindfully, and gratefully. This is done while concentrating on breathing or it can be used in meditation similar to a mantra. However it is an intention, something you promise yourself to follow through with – Thereby acting as a reminder of who you want to be or how you’re going to act. This enlightened way of thinking/behaving has brought me new and powerful insights: I’m powerless against the weather I can only control my attitude and emotions (this is a big for a control freak like me to get) toward the circumstances the weather brings…

I’m choosing to allow it to run its’ course to do its’ thing – Snow, cold, sun, heat, rain in the end it’s weather and I’m not in control – It’s not even my job to predict. I won’t pretend to like the snow or cold, but live with it without resistance and show compassion to those beings who have to suffer living or working in these conditions.

There you have it, no new thing, just a new centered way of being and that my friends is a great thing…



Two More Things

The best thing about birthday cash and gift cards is they keep the celebration going…

I found a little down time this weekend to surf the net for something I need for my martial art training. I’m currently studying karambit, which is an Indonesian knife. This knife is best described as having a curved blade “resembling the tooth of a saber tooth tiger, ” it also has a ring at the end of the grip. Like other knives it can be a fixed blade (traditional) or a folder (tactical) . I spent some birthday cash on a fixed trainer (dull blade). I have two other trainers but like a lot of things in martial arts they are designed for men. My hands are small and the trainers I’m using are difficult for me to manipulate. Hence the internet surfing and I finally found one on e bay!

I’m guessing some of you are thinking, what does a nearly 60 year old woman want with an   Indonesian tactical training knife?  Believe it or not I find this training very stimulating and the flow is beautiful like some crazy dance. It is also a “new” lane for me a new challenge and yes I will admit to crazy! (#5)

The gift card spending was a little more in line of what might be expected from me;  A Sunday afternoon spent at the happiest place on earth, Barnes and Noble. It was there I found #(#6) a debut novel called The Nest, by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney. I’ve read the reviews and I can’t wait to start reading it. I love discovering new authors – Its like meeting new friends!

I also looked for a couple of old friends I bought Work by Thich Nhat Hanh, an exiled Vietnamese Buddhist monk who wrote one of my all time favorites Peace Is Every Step. I’m looking forward to learning new insights from this enlightened man. This book is about how to work mindfully – Using Buddhist practices to modern life issues.

Then there was light reading one of the many cozy mystery series I follow; The China Bayles Series by Susan Witting Albert – Besides the fun story lines you get some great recipes and knowledge on herbs!

No visit to Barnes and Noble would be complete without stopping for a Starbucks coffee at the cafe – Nothing new just a grande ice coffee and a chocolate chip cookie…

There you have it two more things, and a continuation of birthday celebrating .