On The Way To 60

March 24th will begin a new chapter…

I’m going to be 59! How did that happen? I wish I was paying better attention.

Life is like a familiar car ride, you ride along in a comfortable haze, missing everything going on around you until you’re forced to slam on the breaks and wake up. That’s precisely what’s happened to me! I just slammed on the breaks. Why? Because in a year from now I will be turning 60 years old, I’m not freaking out about the age, I just can’t figure out how I arrived here? After all my mother was just 60 (23 years ago) – My father didn’t even reach 60 – I knew he died young, but I’m just realizing HOW YOUNG!

It’s precisely for those reasons I’m going to be trying, learning, doing 60 new things during this up coming year and blogging those experiences here. This way I will be paying attention to what’s going on and I’ll be able to recall and relive my ride on the way to 60.

So sit back put your tray tables in the upright position and buckle up for a hell of a ride!





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