1 New and 1 Old Thing

After a crazy weekend it was good getting back to “normal”.

Not that I have any concept of what normal is – I guess I mean a routine – Not a routine (life is too crazy) … Okay the start of a new week! Maybe not the start that would’ve been Monday (sigh).

Never mind. Today started with an old thing Yoga – I used to be quite diligent about practicing and I got away from it – Not sure why? My shoulder has been bothering me and yoga seemed to have helped me with a similar issue in the past so I’ve returned. I use the yoga studio app on my iPhone. Today I decided to do the thirty minute beginner flexibility routine, it tuned out to be thirty minutes of inflexibility! Why do I do this stop doing something that I enjoy and benefits me then lose most of what I gained and start again!

It felt good to be doing something positive, although I’m sure my disgust at how much  flexibility I’d  lost didn’t help the spiritual part of the yoga practice… Hopefully I can maintain the little momentum I gained today and make it part of my regime – I can certainly benefit from it!

The new thing was nothing earth shattering it was a new sandwich combination from the Bee Hive in Bristol, a delicious butternut squash sandwich! If you’re ever in the area I recommend the food and the cafe.  What made the lunch extra special was sharing time with a dear friend. One of the “Things” I’m becoming aware of on this mini quest of mine is what’s important,  like appreciating Yoga and old friendships, which make new discoveries like a good sandwich all the more enjoyable!

Now 57 new things left to discover, but remember don’t give up something you enjoy doing and if you’ve drifted from it get back to it! Then go to lunch with an old friend somewhere new or try something new!


























Birthday Things

Today is my birthday, officially at 10:03pm EDT I will be 59!

There I wrote it without crying or laughing; so I must be okay with it, right?

Today was a good day, it started with a New guided meditation from my Insight Timer App (I highly recommend the app for those of you interested in pursuing meditation). The mediation was followed by a phone call from my mom (age 82) who sang happy birthday to me, something I look forward to, and will miss when it ends… After visiting my mother and stepfather, I had a lovely cappuccino and a scone for breakfast which I enjoyed by the bay. I treated my self to my favorite foods; a peanut butter sandwich on a fresh baked roll for lunch and a vanilla cream donut for dinner!

Some other highlights were calls from my cousin, my brother and a black belt student who’s now living in Florida, I received lovely thoughtful gifts from family, friends and students and yes there was cake (I’m in a sugar coma)…

New things; the new meditation, and a new Wen Fragrance 

I know none of these are life changing events or might not be blog worthy, but I didn’t promise that – I’m going to be trying for 60 new things now 58 new things… Some will be more exciting and challenging, but every journey starts with a first step and those were my first two! I’ve learned some key things today, one looking for new things makes me more aware of what I have and I’m more open to noticing and appreciating.

The best things about today, is my birthday song from my mom, my diabetic cat feeling well enough to snuggle with me and the gift of a stuffed bunny I call Zo from a 5 year old boy, those are gifts of the heart and there’s nothing better not peanut butter  or vanilla cream donuts!


On The Way To 60

March 24th will begin a new chapter…

I’m going to be 59! How did that happen? I wish I was paying better attention.

Life is like a familiar car ride, you ride along in a comfortable haze, missing everything going on around you until you’re forced to slam on the breaks and wake up. That’s precisely what’s happened to me! I just slammed on the breaks. Why? Because in a year from now I will be turning 60 years old, I’m not freaking out about the age, I just can’t figure out how I arrived here? After all my mother was just 60 (23 years ago) – My father didn’t even reach 60 – I knew he died young, but I’m just realizing HOW YOUNG!

It’s precisely for those reasons I’m going to be trying, learning, doing 60 new things during this up coming year and blogging those experiences here. This way I will be paying attention to what’s going on and I’ll be able to recall and relive my ride on the way to 60.

So sit back put your tray tables in the upright position and buckle up for a hell of a ride!